el rosario

el rosario

With it’s unusual shape the Iglesia El Rosario in San Salvador, El Salvador, looks more like an aircraft hangar than a place of worship. In fact, if it weren’t for the wrought iron gates and the signage, you wouldn’t realise it’s a church at all.

image-14The inside has no pillars whatsoever and is dominated by two exposed concrete walls. A semi round, arched roof with hundreds of colourful stained glass windows creates a unique rainbow of incredible colours as the sun rises and sets over San Salvador. Built in 1971, the Iglesia El Rosario is one of the last churches built in the Salvadorian capital.image-002 image-004 image-005 image-006 image-007 image-008 image-009 image-010 image-011 image-012 image-013 image-014 image-015

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